Using your knowledge of OPACS, Library of Congress Classification System, and books, as well as deductive reasoning, trial and error, and our in-class discussions, answer the following questions using library resources. Cite your answers using both MLA and APA format.

After you have used a book, return it to its proper location on the shelves. You may use the internet to find more information about each question, but you may only cite books for your final answers. 


  • Who first hypothesized global warming and when?


  • What did Richard III look like? Why is his appearance controversial?


  • What is the theory of supply-side economics, and which political party typically endorses it?


  • According to How Television Shapes our Worldview, what did Osama bin Laden find remarkable while watching Al Jazeera? What does this anecdote suggest about the images and realities of famous (and infamous!) people? Also, what does it suggest about Al Jazeera’s coverage of bin Laden?


  • According to Steven Pinker, what are five kinds of unprotected speech?


  • Kalle Lasn tells a story about “Mystical Forests.” Summarize the story and relate it in terms of top-down and bottom-up information systems.