Guided Research Scavenger Hunt – Digging Deeper Into a Pop-Culture Phenomenon

Use books, credible internet resources, and/or journal articles to answer the following questions about Cesar Millan. Cite your source(s) for each answer using both MLA and APA.  The steps you will take here can serve as a map for future research tasks.

Step 1:  Determine why your subject is of interest to your audience. Is your subject new, innovative, controversial, or some other point of interest?

Who is Cesar Millan and why is he famous? What is/was his method?



Step 2: Determine how your subject relates to its broader field or context. What do other experts in the field say about it? Is there a debate surrounding it?

 What is the debate surrounding his method?



 Step 3: Determine the foundation of your subject. Is there a philosophical, scientific, economic, or cultural background that has informed your subject?

 What scientific study is/was his method based on?



Step 4: Determine if the subject is consistent with its foundation, and/or if that foundation is solid.

 Does the study still stand as the best science in the field, or has the field embraced new or different understandings?