You are writing a paper on the efficacy of vaccines and want to explore possible links between vaccination and autism. Look through the linked sources and decide which ones you will use.

Learning Objectives

Critically evaluate information.


The Team will:

+ read the first page of each listed source

+ evaluate the sources for usability using the source rubric

+ List each source and state clearly why you would or would not use it in your paper


The following guidelines will help you and your team answer the CCC’s questions:

1. Each team will divide the articles up as they see fit and read all of them

2. Study each article for clues to determine if it is timely, objective, and accurate.

3. After reading each source, make a judgment of usability by consulting the source rubric linked below.


Course Tools  

Use the resources on the Research Skills page under “Critically Evaluating Sources” and “Using Sources” to guide you. 

The Source Rubric

Defining Different Kinds of Authority


 A .org site found via Google

 A nationally known magazine’s article found via Google

Something related to the CDC found via Google

Something related to the CDC found via Google

A magazine article found in the databases

A peer-reviewed journal article found in the database

 An editorial found in a peer-reviewed journal in the database

Finished Product

Compose a list of all seven article and a sentence or two about why you would or would not use each.