A quick Google search will return many hits imploring that Wikipedia is as accurate as any traditional encyclopedia.  Nature first compared Wikipedia to Encyclopedia Britannica in 2005 and found the two sources comparably reliable.  Other sources disagree and state that Wikipedia is less objective, particularly favoring left-leaning interpretations of subjects.

One thing that is often missing from the discussion is the fact that, regardless of average credibility over time, Wikipedia can be wildly erroneous at any given moment.  For instance, when Michigan representative John Dingell died in 2019, his  Wikipedia entry was almost immediately falsely (and maliciously) changed:


In the minutes after the death of United States Representative John Dingell, his Wikipedia entry was changed to state that he was a “pederast” instead of a politician.


Moments later, returning to his entry, the content had been restored to its original entry:



At any future time, his entry could be updated to reflect new information that could be true, false, objective, or biased.